The Blue Angels

Can a documentary that is exactly what you expected ever be good? The Blue Angels is here to answer that question – at least if you love spectacular flying and wildly gung-ho fliers. All that’s missing is the Top Gun Anthem and Take My Breath Away. But hey, you do get “The Blue Angel Creed” and enough aerial cinematography to satisfy even my teenage self. For me, that was enough.

If you’ve ever enjoyed those museum Imax movies with a plot you can put in an old-style tweet, you’ll probably enjoy The Blue Angels, too. And if, like me, you’re a total sucker for Fleet Week and fast jets and you’re missing dominant masculinity, you’ll eat this up. And, hey, if it does show up at a museum Imax, count me in for a second viewing. Once a Blue Angel fan, always a Blue Angel fan. (Amazon)

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