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The Work to be Rational (TW2BR as we abbreviate it) provides a place for exploring modern ethics and culture. Much of the work is focused on the role of transformative experience in shaping the way people should think about ethics and decision-making. With that in mind, you’ll see long-form content that’s unlike most online publications. And whether it’s a straightforward essay, a book review, or a cultural commentary, the goal is to provide humane, thought-provoking ideas about virtue, ethics, and how we can all lead better, more interesting lives. Ideas that are outside the mainstream and the kind of consumer-packaged ideological wares so pervasive in the general discourse. We take whatever time needed to express the ideas we think are important. To understand the core of what TW2BR talks about it might help to read the essay Mind the Gap by our Executive Editor. As a new site, we need your help in almost every way – reading TW2BR of course – but also tweets, links, referrals or whatever else you can do to help us get noticed.

TWTBR doesn’t byline internal work. However, we welcome content submissions that fit the type of content we publish and we’re happy to byline your submission (optional) if published. Regrettably, we do not pay for content since we do not monetize the site. TW2BR sells no advertising and has no subscription model. Nor do we intend to create one.

We’re just here to write well and change the world one person at a time.

If your work has been reviewed in TW2BR and you’d like respond, we’ll print your response in full and unedited (except as agreed by you). Our reviews are long, detailed and frequently critical. But we like to think about it this way: however harsh the review at least we took the work seriously enough to care. You may notice that most of what we review isn’t fully new and sometimes isn’t even recent. We review it when we read it (or see it, or hear it) if we think it’s worth it.

Submissions to our lighter post categories (Stream Gems, There’s a Seinfeld (or Calvin and Hobbes) for that, and Mr. Shuffle) are equally welcome, as are suggestions for a “LAZY” (even if it’s one of our ours).

Thanks for being here!

Executive Editor

Gary Angel

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