It’s Quieter in the Twilight

Fifteen billion miles from Earth, the Voyager spacecraft glide outward into the vast of interstellar space. They are still working, still communicating, but with power levels in a long, slow decline toward final dysfunction. While in Pasadena, a dozen or so aging engineers, programmers and scientists – the sort of people one NEVER sees on TV – trace their own, similar, journey. Banished to a remote building (undecorated since 1960 and with all the charm of a molding High School), they shuffle between tiny cubicles and a bare conference room, plotting the code that will save their mechanical charges. Quieter is not a great documentary, but if these are your people (as they are mine), you will hear in the stories and words of the mission team echoes of your own dreams and the projects you once lived for. (Amazon)

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